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Cover Story
Boulder City Post Office
by Shirley Roland, Postmaster

The original Boulder City Post Office was located in the spot where the employee parking lot for the Credit Union is now. It was there for many years before the new Post Office was constructed on Colorado Street. Many “characters” have been employed at the Post Office through the years, including John Barlow, who bowled down California Street, rode his motorcycle into the old Post Office, and drove a golf ball into the building. Skip Lowe, who leapt to the rescue of an elderly man who literally drove his car through the wall and into the lobby of the old Post Office. Ludie Corderman, her son Tom, and Sandy Bender, all of whose efficiency and humor are greatly missed. Our custodian, Bruce, who used a gas powered leaf blower inside the building and set off the smoke alarm. Ask our clerk Leon to do his Ethel Merman imitation… and try not to laugh.

Boulder City Post Office may have a new Postmaster, I am the 11th, but the clerks and carriers who work at the Post Office have been here for much longer, some for over 30 years! The employees at this Post Office are really some of the best employees I have ever been lucky enough to work with. They understand the hardship that the Post Office is going through in this economy. They truly care about doing a great job and they help each other out. For instance, Russell Love switched 2 weeks of vacation time with Carey King so Carey could have vacation with her new husband Randy King. When you work with people that genuinely care for one another, it really makes it a nice place to come to every day. Our window clerks know many of our regular customers on a first name basis, and they continue to do their jobs by educating those customers on the products offered by the Post Office. Carrier Jesse Ruelas checks on one of his postal customers daily to see how he is doing. Clerk Perla loves to cook and brings food in for all the staff here.

Michael Adams (know as the #1 carrier), has 31 years as a mail carrier and hopes to retire soon. Michael moved to Boulder City in 1966 and even attended Boulder City High School. Russell Love has just put in 30 years as a letter carrier in Boulder City. Greg Black is a 25-year resident of Boulder City and has 2 years as a Retail Clerk at the Post Office. You might remember him as the owner of the 7-11 on Nevada Way for 15 years. Greg’s main subject of interest is the 1969 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, and his mother Dolores Black made the flag that is on the moon. Perla, a window and scheme clerk, writes “We have very thoughtful and generous customers who come to the post office often bringing not only packages to mail but goodies to eat.”

Did you know?

As more people pay their bills online, we at the Post Office would like to remind you of the personal service only we can give. One day, for example, a letter carrier found a $100 bill next to a mailbox and turned it in to the office, where the customer was relieved to retrieve it. In another instance, a customer had given an incorrect address for his payroll check, so his carrier took extra care to make sure it got to the correct address. As for our clerks, they try always to educate our postal customers with regard to our products and services, and to guide them toward a decision that suits their needs and offers the best value.

The Post Office offers 4 different sized priority flat rate boxes wherein, “If it fits, its ships”. You can ship anywhere in the US for a flat price starting at $4.95. No need to weigh boxes or calculate postage. It is 2-3 day delivery with absolutely no surcharges for fuel, Saturday and residential delivery.

The Post Office also gives you the convenience of not leaving your home or office. Order free eco-friendly boxes and envelopes online, and we’ll deliver them to your door. You can pay postage and print labels at and also request free package pickup online, and save a trip to the post office.

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