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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Historic Boulder Dam Hotel

As everyone knows by now, our wonderful Boulder Dam Hotel is experiencing difficulties due to the downturn in the economy. The Hotel is a historic gem which beautifies and enhances our downtown.

With the recent closure of the Hotel and the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, I hope our community will recognize the significance of their value to our community. Many of our citizens have already voiced their concern at the RDA and Council meetings in July.

Hopefully by the time this publication comes out, solutions will have been adopted to re-open the Hotel and Museum. Even if this is the case, I would invite everyone to become a member of the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association (“BCMHA” The Hotel only has around 20 rooms and one restaurant. The profits from these two businesses help to pay the cost of running the Museum. As you know, a hotel with only 20 rooms also presents revenue challenges. I would like to invite everyone to become a member of the BCMHA, the cost is very low. Also, participate in future fundraisers.

The RDA Board recently met to discuss how Boulder City could help. It was proposed that the RDA provide a loan to the Hotel and Museum Board to help the Hotel through this difficult time. This was on the premise that such a loan would help to prevent blight by closure, and that the Hotel and Museum Board is a non-profit organization. Unfortunately, this loan did not get approval. Myself and Mr. Walker voted for the funding of the Hotel, Mrs. Strickland and Mr. Chandler voted against, and Mr. McCoy was asked to abstain. The Hotel closure will have a serious impact on the other businesses downtown, many of which are already struggling. It is unfortunate that it was voted against.

The City Council will revisit the RDA options in the future and continue to look for ways the City can help. If a large donation is made and the Hotel and Museum re-open, please understand that the Hotel, the Museum and the businesses tied to them will need ongoing support to survive. We need a vibrant business community to maintain a long-term healthy city.

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