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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile -
Georgine Morelli

If there is an artist in Boulder City that is more popular than Georgine Morelli, please stand up.

Georgine’s work is generally of Southwest elements like chili peppers, Native American pottery, Southwest ladies and her most popular theme, “Spectators.” The latter are various scenes of Native Americans in a row with colorful Indian blankets around them. She has Spectators 21, Spectators 18, Spectators 17, 15, 13, etc. Frankly, I have never seen such a simple idea take off so successfully in the art arena.

Bright color is the key to her success. She works primarily in watercolors and ink but few of her works have the usual watercolor feel. They are beautifully painted in brilliant colors with stark contrast and detailed definition. The graphic nature of her work makes for pleasing and decorative pieces that seldom stay on gallery walls or in show booths for very long.

Georgine was born and raised in New Jersey, transplanted by marriage to Florida, and transplanted again to finally find her roots in Boulder City. She still has a bit of Jersey accent in her voice, the sunshine of Florida in her face, and the quality of Boulder City life in her hands as she paints.

You will find her work in the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel open seven days a week. Also at the Boulder City Fine Arts Festival in April, Art in the Park in October, Valley of Fire State Park in May, and the Lost City Museum in Overton in March. In between those shows she travels to Mesquite, Kingman, Ely and Flagstaff for weekend shows. The Art Guild also shows at various locations in Boulder City and seldom will you not find a Morelli amongst them.

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