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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Gentle Reads

I’ve recently had several people asking for books with very little graphic sex or violence. Here is a list of series you might want to consider if you are looking for a Gentle Read.

Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity series. Set in England, these mysteries are usually focused on a murder, but depend on delightful characters rather than graphic gore. First book: Aunt Dimity’s Death

Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who series. Meet Jim Qwillerian, newspaperman, who is joined in solving mysteries by first one, then two siamese cats. First book: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

Michael Bond: Monsieur Pamplemousse series. Set in France, Monsieur Pamplemousse, a food critique, appears to be a magnet for mystery and intrigue. Joined by his bloodhound, Pommes Frites, Pamplemousee must solve the mystery and save his own skin. First book: Monsieur Pamplemousse

Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown: Mrs. Murphy series. Mrs. Murphy, a cat, and her other animal friends, help their human, the local postmistress, to solve local mysteries. First book: Wish You Were Here

Dorothy Gilman: Mrs. Pollifax series. Who would suspect that gentle, grandmotherly Mrs. Pollifax practices karate and is an agent for the CIA? First book: The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

Jan Karon: The Mitford series. These novels chronicle the every day eccentricities of a small North Carolina town. First book: At Home In Mitford

Garrison Keillor: Lake Wobegon series. Humorous homespun tales from the small mythical Minnesota town “that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.” First book: Lake Wobegon Days

Elizabeth Peters: Amelia Peabody series. Adventurous Egyptologist, Amelia Peabody, sets out to visit Egypt and explore pyramids. She ends up solving mysteries in the process. First book: The Crocodile On The Sandbank

Miss Read: Thrush Green series. Miss Read’s charming chronicles of small-town life have achieved a worldwide popularity by offering a return to a gentler time with an even measure of wit and wisdom. First book: Thrush Green.

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