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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
A few weeks ago I had the distinct opportunity to attend a world-renowned youth leadership camp. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, held annually in Idyllwild California’s Astro Camp, is a two and a half day leadership experience for 288 high school juniors, hailing from Southern California and Southern Nevada. Boulder City had 10 of its brightest young residents attend RYLA this year.

The students learned about teamwork and were immersed in scenarios where those skills are tested. They learned about the importance of communication and were then injected into role-plays where those skills were tested. They learned about business ethics and good business decision-making and were again placed into a scenario where those skills were tested. It was an amazing experience for those students and equally as impressive for participant Rotarians.

You may be pondering the connection of RYLA and the Boulder City Police Department. I too have given the connection a lot of thought. One needs to look no further than out the front door; Boulder City residents experience the same challenges that these kids were exposed to. Without speaking to specifics, how often has gossiping or the telling of half-truths impacted you or your business? How often has an assumption been made, based upon the way someone looks or dresses, shaped your perception of that person? How often do we treat others differently than how we would want to be treated? How often have we witnessed poor teamwork or perhaps no teamwork at all?

I ask these simple questions for a specific reason. You see, these bright young members of our community are watching, taking notes and learning from us - as business leaders, clergy, police officers and public officials. Are you setting the kind of example you want emulated?

How often do we discuss the actions of the younger generation and ask, “Where would they have gotten an idea like that?” Perhaps we are thinking too hard and we simply need to look out our window, or better yet in the mirror. As leaders in our community, we should be modeling the behavior we want to see emulated. And thankfully, there are many good examples out there for these young folks to model.

Until next month, stay safe!

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