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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Helping The Community
I feel very fortunate that my position as Senate Majority Leader provides me the ability to help Nevada communities get the help they need.   As a growing community, I know Boulder City can use my assistance, and this year, I am pleased to deliver more than $2 million for projects that directly affect Boulder City and another $5 million for other Southern Nevada projects that benefit Boulder City residents.

The Boulder City Hospital has a long history of community service from the time it was created by the six companies that built the Boulder Dam. The hospital is expanding its emergency department in order to better serve patients. I worked to get $571,000 in funding support for a new, higher-capacity emergency department.

Boulder City residents, along with everyone traveling between Nevada and Arizona, know the potential delays in crossing the Hoover Dam.  In completing the bypass project, we will keep traffic moving, make the dam more secure and allow for more efficient interstate commerce with our neighboring states. In addition to the $26.5 million in funding for Phase One of the bypass project we secured in 2005, we have set aside $855,000 for continued improvements to the bypass.

We are supporting the safety and security of Boulder City by dedicating more than $500,000 to a regional law enforcement training facility so the city’s police force can train closer to home and be prepared for situations unique to the region. We have also secured resources for the future by providing $500,000 to help cover Boulder City’s portion of the third water intake project that is needed at Lake Mead to guarantee our continued access to water from the Colorado River.  
It is my privilege to serve my native state of Nevada and its diverse communities, I will always do everything I can to ensure our state’s needs and the needs of Boulder City are met.  

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