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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Some Good News To Report
I am thrilled to report that crime in Boulder City has decreased for the past 3 years. The following shows the number of crimes reported to the police for the 3-year period January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2008 (n/c = no change):

Murder 1 1(n/c) 0(-100%)
Forcible Rape 2 0(-200%) 0(n/c)
Robbery 5 2(-60%) 2(n/c)
Agg. Assault 11 14(+27%) 7(-50%)
Violent Crime Totals 19 17(-11%) 9(-47%)
Burglary 106 89(-16%) 66(-26%)
Larceny/Theft 126 79(-37%) 68(-14%)
Vehicle Theft 22 11(-50%) 11(n/c)
Property Crime Totals 254 179 (-30%) 145(-19%)
Arson 3 4 (+33%) 10 (+150%)*

*The 2008 arsons were the work of juveniles who were identified and arrested.

Although Boulder City’s police officers do an outstanding job of protecting our residents on a 24/7 basis, their success in making our fine city one of the safest in Nevada would not be possible without their strong partnership with the community. The implementation of a department-wide community policing program in 2008 initiated an ongoing dialogue between the police and our residents, and that dialogue has strengthened the partnership necessary to control both violent crimes as well as property crimes. The men and women of Boulder City’s Finest are dedicated to your safety and security, and they stand ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that you will not fall victim to the criminals who might perceive Boulder City as a target rich environment.

Boulder City’s crime statistics can be viewed on the FBI’s website ( under their “Uniform Crime Reports” section. Despite the fact that we are situated within 25 miles of a major city that has a worldwide reputation for “anything goes,” we enjoy a superior quality of life that is comparable to “1960s Mayberry.” Please take the time to thank our police officers for making the City of Boulder City one of the safest cities in the State of Nevada.

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