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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Why Do You Need A Travel Agent?

I know this topic may sound self-serving (since I are one), but I hope you understand that it is not meant so. I just want to give you something to think about.

During the last couple of years writing this column, I have primarily given advice on how to ‘do it yourself.’ The Internet has become a valuable research tool for travelers on all levels. However, as pointed out in an article on by Marie Fischer, “spending hours surfing the Web looking for the best deal can sometimes lead to the opposite result.” The author further explains that booking on-line also can limit a traveler’s options. Most sites require full payment at the time reservations are made, thus limiting one’s ability to consider finances or being able to take advantage of a courtesy hold. With a travel agent, clients often have the ability to pay on an installment plan* while they have time to discuss their vacation at their leisure because travel agents work so closely with their suppliers. In some cases they are the actual tour operator, and quite often they have actually been to your destination, allowing them to provide personal references.

If you do choose to use on-line services, there are some pertinent questions to ask.

•Are you sure everything is included and that you have read the fine print?
•Does the Internet travel web site call you if there is a price reduction?
•Are upgrades offered and how do you go about receiving them?
•Is the web site able to assist you if there is a problem?

Travel agents usually have the answers to all of these questions. They sell the entire package: air, hotel, insurance, transfers, dining, excursions, airport parking and so on. Keep in mind, the success of each trip is in the details.

*Installment plan now being offered by Drifter Sister.

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