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Cover Story
by Wil Lacro, Foundation Coordinator
Boulder City Hospital Foundation

43rd Annual Art In The Park
In 1962 a group of members of the Boulder City Hospital Auxiliary got together to plan an art festival to benefit Boulder City Hospital. Many different benefits had been held in the past and their efforts had always produced a good time, camaraderie and comradeship, but few dollars for the amount of work involved.

The idea of the art festival was just a dream among a very few Auxiliary members. It appealed to them but none of them had ever been involved in putting on an art show. Undaunted, they scattered in several different directions seeking information and holding meetings to develop a plan.

They had to decide not only how, but also where to do it and when to have the festival. Every art authority they could find was contacted and asked for information. It was soon decided that the best place was the beautiful government parks (as they were known in the past) in the middle of Boulder City. So, a plan was decided, a location was determined and now the only question was... when?

Since the show was going to be held outdoors, a call was made to the weather bureau for information on the best weekend from the standpoint of weather. The weatherman answered that the first weekend in October had had fewer storms than any other time of year. It was decided that the date would be the first Sunday in October. Sunday was chosen because so many of their Las Vegas neighbors took a drive to the lake on Sunday and might appreciate an activity at the end of their ride.

The 43rd Annual Art in the Park will be held this October 1st and 2nd. As in the past 42 years, there has been plenty of planning for this big event. Art in the Park has grown to be the biggest event in our community and requires the combined efforts of the Boulder City Hospital Foundation (which took over the operations of the festival from the Boulder City Hospital Auxiliary several years ago), Hospital staff, community volunteers and yes, the Auxiliary members continue to help as they always have.

Everyone who can help comes early to help set up on Friday, the day before the show. Hours and hours of assembling booths, lining the park for the artists' booths, setting up refuse areas, receiving and storing food and beverages, lining the parking lot at the old airport, registering hundreds of artists, and being sure that every little detail is covered is what all these people do. All the hard work is worth it, because beginning Saturday morning when the first visitor steps off the shuttle, they open their eyes to one of the best arts shows in the West.

Hundreds of artists will be socializing with thousands and thousands of visitors, kids will be romping around on a warm sunny day, and everybody from all over the country will be enjoying a day of culture and fun in Boulder City. This is what Art in the Park is all about. Art in the Park is a show that benefits Boulder City Hospital in so many ways. It is a time that brings together everyone in the community to enjoy great art, great food, great company and most important of all, for us to come together to benefit our community Hospital.

Boulder City Hospital has a past that is even older than Art in the Park. In the 1950's the entire community stepped up and each family made a donation as well as a commitment to make Boulder City Hospital their hospital as they took it over from the government (which had been operating the Hospital since the construction of Hoover Dam). This sense of community has been the cornerstone on which the Hospital continues to be operated.

Today the Hospital provides excellent care to the community, providing excellent acute and long-term care as well as state-of-the-art emergency and ancillary services. Many of the Hospitals' capital needs are met by events such as Art in the Park.

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