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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Lesson Learned & Tranquility

Rounding the corner to my gate in JFK, at a dead run, I heard the final boarding announcement, stating that everyone should be on board. Whew! I made it – barely.

An hour late leaving Rome, the pilot had made up a half hour over the Atlantic, but it left me a measly 2 hour layover. Unfortunately, it took my bag an hour to get to the carousel. Since airlines now close the doors and prevent further boarding ½ hour before a flight, I was left ½ an hour to get from baggage to the gate. Being my first touchdown in the States, in that time I needed to pick up my bag, go through customs, give the bag to the handler, go through another security check, determine my gate (which was not close), and get there. The race was on.

So why am I telling you this? Because it taught me something. Turns out my bag was one of the last to arrive at the carousel. Most of the others on my flight had done their thing and left the baggage area by the time mine came down. Just bad luck? I’m not so sure. Upon reflection I have decided I checked in too early in Rome. My sister was leaving on a flight about 2 hours before mine, so we got to the airport early enough for her, and I went ahead and checked in, too, ~4 hours before my flight. My bag was probably the first one to enter the baggage compartment, therefore one of the last ones off. Lesson Learned: Although it is advisable to arrive early enough before a flight to get through security and to your gate, it’s not advisable to check in too early.

For Christmas this year I’m recommending Noise Canceling Headphones. When I need to sleep on a plane, or end up near a crying baby or noisy neighbors, they are a godsend. I plug into the classical music channel and I’m off to la-la land. Watching movies is much better, too. Those little ear buds the airlines offer are pretty useless if you ask me – and nowadays they charge for them! You can pay big bucks for these devices if you want, but I love my Sony MDR NC7 model (<$40), which are comfortable, lightweight and compactly fold up into their little travel bag.

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