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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

A Better Credit Card?

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The best credit card would be one that paid itself off. But there are new cards coming that are the same size but smarter. The new credit card has a re-write able magnetic strip allowing multiple accounts on a single card, and can even be set up to require a PIN before displaying the card number. The technology fits neatly in your credit card, is waterproof, and has a battery life of up to four years. So one card could have all of your credit card information.

These new types of high-tech credit cards will be made secure with password protection, and the account number display is hidden. It has a small computer inside and the magnetic strip is encased in plastic so it will not wear off in your wallet.

Holiday Ideas

So it’s time to find a good gift for the holidays. You can go online to and create an account and buy gift certifies for your friends and family to use. This is a micro loan website where you can loan money to people all over the world. Then they pay back the loan and you can re-loan the money or take the cash out of your account. We use this and it is good for the kids in our family to learn about people around the world.

A fun site is with the all time fun gift “the Airzooka” it will shoot a ball of air across the room. Really, it does, and you will be the hit of any holiday party. There are tons of ideas on this site for the geek in you.

Back Up Now!

I have been telling you all year long to back up your file to include: e-mails, bookmarks, pictures, word documents and any other important files.

It will be the most productive time you ever spend. And hopefully you will never have to use your back ups. Back up to DVD or CD or just get a USB removable drive and copy everything to that drive.

Happy Holidays!

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