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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

Holiday Exercise
Ahhhhh, the season is upon us. The best way to alleviate stress in this crazy holiday season is to exercise. A swim at the pool, a brisk work out on a Community Fitness Center machine, sparring with a partner in Jujitsu, and in my case, a challenging game of ping pong or wallyball is the ticket.

I recommend you make the time to get some exercise this holiday season. Expending the energy will actually give you more energy in the long run.

In recreation, the cooler it gets outside the more activity we see inside. The basketball season is upon us for adults and youth. The men’s competitive league coaches meeting will be held Wednesday, December 1st at the Recreation Department office at 7 p.m. and youth basketball clinics for grades 3-8 will be held on Saturday December 11th and 18th. Please visit our website at or call 293-9256 for grade level times.

Since it’s not cold enough to warrant a skating rink in Boulder City, the Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department offers floor hockey as the next best thing. It’s played in the gymnasium with no skates of any kind. Children run after the puck. Coaches teach children how to use the stick in an effective way that is not aggressive. However, there may be a time or two when a child’s ankle gets nicked by a stick leaving a stinging sensation. Now you might wonder why I would mention this. Let’s face it, some of life’s lessons are best learned in the sporting realm.

In our house if something like this were to occur, we would use this as an opportunity to teach a basic concept that there are risks in life. Knowing how much our daughter loved playing sports, the risk on our part was minimal to take this approach with her. Our approach would have been that when you participate in certain activities you assume a certain amount of risk.

Thus, if you play sports, there is a possibility that you may get hurt. We know that the benefits in playing sports far outweigh the little risk involved. This is a great life lesson to learn, weighing risk to benefit.

For a full listing of Recreation Department offerings, visit the City’s website at and for more information call 293-9256.

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