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Day Trip'n
by Ginny Gottfredson, Sales Manager
Lake Mead Cruises

Thanks To Our Troops!
Holidays translate to Parades in Boulder City and on Lake Mead, glittering lights, festive decorations and family celebrations. Along the way, sometimes we unintentionally skate by the significance of those responsible for allowing us the Freedom to have parades, lights, decorations and celebrations in peace.

Recently I read a book poignantly driving home the personal toll United States Military Men and Women pay to defend our freedom and reminding me of a selfless effort by Boulder City resident Stanna Musick. Stanna pays it forward spearheading drives to send a little bit of home to troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although Stanna has been recognized for her efforts by Military Leaders, she still needs our help to gather small, useful gifts, and package and ship them. In Stanna’s words, “We don’t have to support the war but we do need to support our Military wherever they are ordered to defend our country!” To pay it forward with Stanna, call 702.293.5039.

Check out Since 2008 the organizer has proudly provided cooling vests, “doggles” and MuttLuks for 229 dogs working along side their Soldiers under the extreme, horrific, violent conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan. During this Holiday Season, let’s reflect on the good fortune of our freedom, appreciate what we have and extend heartfelt thanks to our Soldiers and their faithful four-footed Sidekicks! BC Library, the Senior Center and the Coffee Cup are drop points for cards, letters and donations.

NEAT NEVADA NOTES: Nevada is perhaps the only state in the continental US actually observing the day when we officially became a State, October 31, 1864. At least until 1997 when the Nevada Legislature took the liberty of moving it to create a more convenient three day weekend. So it’s just another three day weekend. When it was celebrated on the real Admission Day, kids in this state always knew Nevada Day. Next thing you know, some sharp pencil in the box will move Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Years for “convenience”.

Thanks for tuning in - I’m climbing off the soap box now!

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