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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Child Passenger Safety
The holiday season is fast approaching, and plans are being finalized for the always-fun, perhaps a little stressful, trip to visit family members. While packing the family vehicle and ensuring packages are safely stowed, do not overlook the most precious cargo, your young child, and their awaiting car seat. Statistically, in excess of 90% of child car seats are not installed correctly. Take a few minutes out of your planning process to have your car seat checked.

Here is a list of common installation tribulations:

1. Harness straps are not properly positioned.

2. Harness straps are not snug and the child is not properly secured in the car seat.

3. Seat belt is not properly routed through the car seat or it is not the proper tightness.

4. Your child should not be sporting a heavy jacket or thick blanket underneath the car seat harness straps.

5. Most car seats expire after 6 years or may be recalled for safety reasons.

The police department has several certified technicians that will gladly check your car seat for proper installation, and it should only take a few minutes.

Safe Kids USA is a great resource if you have questions about your car seat or other safety issues involving children. They can be found at You can also search the car seat recall list at Locally, Clark County Safe Kids provides a lot of informational materials about child safety issues, child safety expert program speakers, and the coordination of child passenger safety seat checkpoints.

The holiday season also brings about a desire, in the minds of many, to enjoy alcoholic beverages. While we are certainly supportive of people enjoying the holiday season, we do hold a zero tolerance for alcohol or drug impaired drivers. The fine for driving while intoxicated in Boulder City is $2,137. This does not include time spent in jail, hiring an attorney, increased insurance fees or the embarrassment of being arrested for a completely preventable crime. These costs are minor compared to that of causing death or substantial bodily harm due to one’s carelessness. If you drink an alcoholic beverage – DON’T DRIVE, it really is that simple.

Until next year, stay safe!

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