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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Community Living
Although many things have changed through the years here in Boulder City, many aspects of our community seem to survive. Most, if not all, small cities in Southern Nevada have dramatically changed, but Boulder City continues to shine with its small town charm. Our city has many community events, recreational options, and volunteer opportunities for all ages. But we also have our challenges.

One of our main challenges right now is struggling along in our current economy. We have had to make changes and tough decisions regarding how we operate as a city. I have written about this a few times this year. Tough times are not over, and we may still have to make more adjustments. I do not believe we will see our economy return to its prior state for many years, so we must now operate and live within our means.

I was very pleased with the voter’s overwhelming decision not to support the ballot question limiting the city to 18 holes of golf. Thanks to the voters we also have the ability to bring the city out of debt. Both land sale ballot questions were passed. This may not be a short term solution under current economic conditions, but in the long term it will help us remove our debt which will strengthen the financial health of the City.

I am concerned that the ballot question regarding our public safety vehicles did not pass. We are facing new challenges with the bridge opening. Policing this community, as well as two busy highways, is proving to be difficult. Our two ambulances need to be either refurbished or replaced. We had to use general fund money to replace ten police vehicles. We had no other option since the replaced vehicles were breaking down. How can we expect to receive adequate response to emergency situations without proper planning for vehicles and equipment replacement? In the future, please reconsider and allow the City Council to bring our public safety vehicles up to industry standards. This is in the City’s best interest.

Now that the golf course question has been addressed, we need to move on and look for solutions to our challenges. This is a great place to live. I wish everyone Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and safe New Year.

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