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Money Matters
by Wendell Whitman
Edward Jones

Who's Looking Out For Individual Investors?
Along with their 401(k)s, many employers also provide some level of financial education - so take full advantage of it. Pay particularly close attention to the descriptions of investments. Your 401(k) plan might offer a dozen or more investment options, including accounts made up of stocks, bonds and money market instruments. Study these investment choices carefully as you put together your 401(k) portfolio.

As an investor, you’d like to know that you’re participating in a system that is both fair and governed by rules. So, you may ask yourself: “Who’s looking out for me?"

Actually, a variety of government agencies and industry groups are working to protect you in many ways. These groups include the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

While these groups do important work, you’ll still need to take steps on your own behalf. Possibly the best thing you can do is to know your investments. Never invest in something that you don’t fully understand. Before you write a check, make sure you know exactly what goes into an investment, along with its potential benefits and risks.

Between your awareness of the various regulatory agencies and your own informed actions, you can feel confident about your ability to invest.

What Can You Expect From A Financial Advisor?

It’s not always easy to navigate the investment world. That’s why you may want to work with a financial advisor.

Ideally, you will want someone who asks questions such as these:

What are your goals? You’ll need an advisor who shows considerable interest in your short- and long-term goals.

Do you plan to send your children to college? If so, how much do you hope to contribute to their education? And will you have aging parents that may require some type of assistance from you? By eliciting this type of information, a financial advisor can help you create a “family-friendly” investment strategy.

What are your attitudes toward investment risk? A conscientious financial advisor will determine if you are a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor.

As you work toward your financial objectives, you’ll have many questions. Just make sure your financial professional does too.

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