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Short Stories

An Afternoon In Hotel Plaza
by Barbara Adams

With four drawing pencils, three types of erasers, two water bottles and one large drawing pad, I landed in the Historic Hotel Plaza on a nice, warm, sunny afternoon.

What was the occasion that had brought me, a qualified local senior citizen of Boulder City, to be there?

After too many years of wishing I could regain my skills for watercolor painting, I realized I had to start over at square one. So, I enrolled in the Drawing I Class taught by Loretta Degrandis at the College of Southern Nevada, Boulder City campus. What a delightful experience!

There were several of us “older kids” among the serious, young and enjoyable students who were taking the course for credit. (The “older kids” were able to audit the course - at a reduced fee. Check in to that if you are interested in renewing your artistic skills.)

Back to sitting in Hotel Plaza. Our class assignment was to draw the site in one or two point perspective. Have you really looked at that corner with such a thought in mind? What a challenge! Loretta gently encouraged her students into doing something we weren’t sure we could do. “We don’t say negatives here,” she would say. “Look at what is best in your drawing! You can do this!”

It is a unique experience to take a local Community College course. The contact with the young college students and the mix of adults and senior citizens was reassuring. The instructor, Loretta, responded to all of us. It was interesting to listen to her interact and encourage the younger students to “get with it”. What a challenge to keep all of us encouraged to do our best - and keep on trying to improve.

Even if I never show my drawings to anyone but my husband, I really enjoyed this experience. What fun it was to sit in Hotel Plaza and try to create a drawing - remember, the task was one/two point perspective - and watch the people and tourists and kids on skateboards and dogs walking their owners, and all the interesting stuff that goes on in the Historic District of Boulder City on a warm, sunny afternoon. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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