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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Providing Nevadans Quality, Affordable Health Care
It’s time for a new direction for health care in Nevada, including the need to improve our nation’s Medicare system. This program has ensured quality health care to America’s senior citizens and people with disabilities for more than 40 years. 

As we work to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries can count on quality medical care, we must particularly address the way in which physicians are reimbursed for treating Medicare patients.  The looming threat of a 10.1 percent pay cut could negatively impact Nevadans’ access to care they need and deserve, but I refuse to see that happen. 

Our senior community and hundreds of thousands of Nevadans on Medicare would be greatly impacted by these cuts.  In the past Congress has enacted legislation to temporarily halt these scheduled pay cuts and instead provide physicians with a reimbursement increase.  Now we must once again come together to stop the cuts currently prevented through the end of June, through legislation I worked hard to pass late last year.  That is why I have been urging my colleagues from across the aisle to support a bipartisan Medicare package that not only halts the cuts, but also makes great strides toward improving Medicare coverage for seniors and reducing their costs.
I am hopeful that in the coming weeks the Senate will side with Medicare beneficiaries rather than special interests, and join together in finding a way to ensure that our valued doctors are paid fairly and adequately for serving Medicare beneficiaries.  Nevada’s seniors and people with disabilities deserve the best medical care possible, and I’m working hard to ensure that a majority of our U.S. Senators agree with me.
I will continue working, as I always have, to advance the best interests of Nevada’s health care system.  Have a happy and healthy summer.

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