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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

Upcoming Events
National Night Out. If you have not put National Night out on your calendar, please do so. This annual event has turned in to a great evening for members of the community to meet those dedicated police and fire professionals committed to maintaining a safe community.

This auspiciously fun and exciting event is scheduled for the first Tuesday in August each year. It is in conjunction with the nation-wide National Night Out campaign, designed to get people out of their homes to meet their neighbors while increasing awareness of crime and disorder. An aware community is much better equipped than one that is unmindful to the many threats around them - yes, even in Boulder City. As we strive to create a safe, vigilant and prepared community in this era of homeland security we, as your police department, realize we cannot do it alone. Please join Chief Finn and Chief Nicholson on the first Tuesday evening in August for National Night Out at Veteran’s Memorial Park. The annual police/fire softball game is sure to provide entertainment for all, as the police strive to hold on to their winning streak of one year.

Ride Along Program. The Police Department has offered a ride along program for many years. This program is designed to provide participants with first-hand observations of their community through the eyes of a police officer. I encourage any interested Boulder City resident to consider riding with an officer for a few hours. With this ride along program you sit in the front seat, unlike the other, not-so-willing ride along program we offer. You can contact either Chief Finn or myself directly to schedule a ride along.

Citizen’s Academy. We are gearing up for our annual Citizen’s Police Academy. This 10-week educational program is a must attend for those residents who long for answers to many law enforcement questions. I must caution you: This program will take away the entertainment value you may receive watching the many law enforcement television programs you enjoy today. Contact Lead Dispatcher Tina Ransom at 293-9224 or via e-mail at for course information.

Until next month, stay safe.

John Chase can be reached via his e-mail address at

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