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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Water Intrusion Prevention
The insurance industry estimates that about one in every three homeowner claims last year were due to water damage, and the average cost per water claim was about $4,000. These claims are logged into a database, similar to a credit report, and can have an adverse effect on your homeowner's insurance. When you attempt to resell your home, these claims may turn off potential buyers and can affect the insurance rates.

The two most common areas of water loss in the home are bath and shower tile grout and washing machine hoses.

The bathroom can be a virtual breeding ground for water-related damage. Water leaking under a bathroom sink is easy to spot, but water that seeps through cracks in grout and caulk, getting into the sheetrock and wood framing underneath, can be more difficult to detect. Over time, that water can cause deterioration and rot the wooden structure of the home, and build up nasty molds. Therefore, prevention and control is the key.

Leak checks are a form of preventative maintenance that can save you from filing expensive water damage and mold claims. Once a month inspect the shower and the tub surround for any cracks or missing grout in between the tiles. Check and periodically replace the caulk around your tub, sink, or shower. Seal your tile and grout to help keep water from penetrating your grout. Reseal about every six months if using a clear sealant.

According to State Farm, washing machine hose failure causes about $150 million in damage to homes in the US and Canada each year. To reduce the chances that your hoses will fail, it’s a good idea to inspect your hoses regularly, and to take step to minimize the factors that can cause damage. Replacing hoses is an easy home repair task. They can be purchased from any hardware store for around $20, so the cost is minimal.

Spending a little time performing routine, preventative maintenance around your home can save you lots of hassle and money later on.

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