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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Gadgets and Games

What do you do to destroy your old CDs and DVDs? You can take a screwdriver or other sharp tool and scratch the surface of the disks so they won’t work. But please don’t bend them in half or try to break them because you could be cut by the sharp, broken parts. There are also special shredders you can purchase from Costco or office supply stores that can grind old CDs and DVDs into little pieces.

There is also a new little gadget out that you put the disk in and it will make the CDs or DVDs unusable in 5 seconds. When the CDs or DVDs are done, they look like a Spyrograph design. This handy gadget is Elecom’s USB-powered CD/DVD data crusher and costs about $27.

Sony’s Playstation 3 computer entertainment system is out in stores. The new game system costs about $600 - if you can find one! I just looked on to see what they are selling for and it is around $1,500 to $3,500. You have to be a big time game player to put out that kind of money. So before you tell your kids or grandkids, “Sure, I will buy you a computer game.” Think twice. Even after you purchase the system, each game program costs about $55. is a fun website with all kinds of gadgets that we need - or don’t need. They update the inventory all the time and have great reviews on all kinds of new products. You can also check out the review on Zune, the “new iPod” from Microsoft.

As a reminder, with more wireless devices around, make sure you have your wireless network password protected. I can drive my truck around town and have free internet access to my new games from everyone that has an open system. It’s no big deal until someone uses your network to do illegal things. Then you are the first one who will be contacted.

Have a great holiday and take lots of pictures in the highest JPG mode your camera uses. Don’t forget to back up your files!

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