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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

New Year Resolution: Making A Positive Change
This is the time of year to develop a New Year’s resolution. Although some people will make a successful resolution, others will experience a poor result.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, it is essential that you make a positive change in your thinking. Thinking affects everything we do and yet most of us don’t think about our thinking. We’ve figured out that our actions matter, but we haven’t fully realized that our thinking matters, and that it matters a lot. Every action is preceded by a thought. Thought gives birth to action. We need to recognize that every thought has energy, either positive or negative. Every thought either aims us in a positive or a negative direction. If we have a lot of negative thinking we will attract negative people and negative situations and will have a lot of negative experiences. It is impossible to recognize happiness if we are choosing negativity all the time. If we have a lot of positive thinking such as love and compassion, we will attract loving, positive people, situations, and experiences into our lives and we will naturally feel happy.

The most important New Year’s resolution we can make is to change our thinking. Having positive thinking doesn’t mean being in denial, nor does it mean having no logic or judgment. We need to discern between right and wrong. It means choosing the high ground, and seeing what good we can contribute to. It means taking care of the present moment by paying attention to what we are thinking in this moment. If we say we want peace, yet we still get angry all the time, we just contribute to anger and unrest. If we are experiencing challenging circumstances and we have a lot of anger or anxiety, we will increase our suffering. If we keep our thinking positive, we can access peace and happiness.

Here are some thoughts to try on for your New Year’s resolution: I resolve to recognize my many blessings. I resolve to take loving care of my mind and body. I resolve to help others. I resolve to be kind.

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