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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Boulder City Artist Profile - Anne Carter
If you are driving through Red Rock Canyon anytime soon be sure to stop by the visitor center there and pick up a 2007 calendar. The proceeds ($6.95 each) help sponsor the educational efforts of the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association. The twelve beautiful color pictures are all of features, flora and fauna in the canyon.

It sounds like a commercial for calendars but really a plug for our featured artist this month. Anne Carter’s photography was chosen for September (a close-up of a Cholla Cactus blossom) and November (“Red Rock Alps,” the cliffs with a fresh dusting of snow). This winter picture is also on the cover and is indeed worthy of a double exposure.

Anne was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area but spent most of her adult life in New York City working in the reinsurance business. She moved to Southern Nevada in 1997 and has been taking pictures all over the western U.S. ever since.

Flowers are one of her favorite subjects. She says “Like Georgia O’Keeffe, I want to make flowers big so that people will notice them and take the time to really look at them.” When looking for flowers to “shoot” she is usually in an area that also offers great scenic pictures. Both landscapes and Native American rock art are also on her favorite subjects list.

She is a member of the Boulder City Art Guild, Nevada Camera Club, Nevada Rock Art Foundation, Southern Nevada Rock Art Association, Utah Rock Art Research Association and American Rock Art Research Association . She received the prestigious Oliver Award for photography from the latter.

Her work may be seen in the Art Guild Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel. She is the Gallery’s featured artist for November and December so when you are out during the holidays, drop by to see her works of art.

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