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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Greetings From the Field!

So here I am, two days into a week of daily Swedish massages, multiple facial, reflexology, hair, nail, and pedi treatments, not to mention the loofah/fango, a somewhat macabre procedure in which you sit naked on a metal table to have your old skin scrubbed off with rock salt, stood up in

a corner to be hosed off, returned to the table and slathered in mud, wrapped in plastic and left to marinate for about half an hour, then unwrapped and ushered back to the corner for the hose treatment again. Although a little scary the first time it’s experienced, the resultant silky soft skin is well worth the torture.

Morning walks, water aerobics, salsa classes, yoga sessions, and a delicious 900 calorie a day diet round out the regimen. Yes, it’s a fat farm – or not, if you don’t do the exercise part, and choose to eat at the other restaurant for the non-calorie conscious.  All for $1,500/week. Try getting all of this for that price anywhere in the States. Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you – I’m in Mexico (gasp!) at a wonderful little family-run spa in Ixtapan de la Sal, a sleepy little mineral springs oasis in the mountains about 60 miles south of Mexico City.

Although most of Mexico is perfectly safe, the media coverage of the violence along the US/Mexico border is scaring people away from all of Mexico. This spa can accommodate 80 or so, but this time my little group of five comprises an entire quarter of the spa guests at the hotel. The locals are here, but not for the spa. Here’s the sad thing. It’s the workers who suffer. The same little ladies who have been doing our massages for years, the waiters, and all the working folk who help to keep this little community alive.

So it’s time to put Mexico back on your vacation destination list. If you avoid the hot spots it is perfectly safe, and there are so many wonderful and beautiful locations to explore and enjoy, such as this sweet little spa. Do your homework first, of course. Stay away from the border towns. Other than that, most of Mexico is safe. Check out to help you identify areas to avoid, and then come on down!

Wish you were here, Drifter Sister

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