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Cover Story

Nevada Way Revitalization

By Shauna Sharp

After years of planning, the Public Works Department of the City of Boulder City is excited to announce that the Nevada Way Revitalization Project breaks ground on its construction phase this month. The project received funding back in September 2010, and the concept phase began. By January 2011, the city was presented with concept sketches that have now been refined into a clear vision illustrated through plans and perspectives.

The concept is “A Complete Street,” a basic idea that expresses that streets are for everyone. As simple as this concept may seem, it is rarely implemented. Too often, streets are designed for cars, not people. So much concern is given to controlling or easing the flow of vehicular traffic that many times the diverse role of the street is forgotten.

Streets are not only a means of getting from one place to another but are also places for commerce, recreation, and celebration. The Nevada Way Revitalization Project is designed to remind people that streets are part of the public realm and are an important part of our community.

The components of transforming Nevada Way into a complete street include consideration of many elements. First, a good flow of vehicular traffic, standard lanes and turning radii will be preserved. Second, efficient and attractive public transit, bus turn-outs and shelters will be added and enhanced. Third, bike lanes will be included and multi-use facilities will be located at multiple points along the street. And finally, widening sidewalks and a landscaped setback will buffer the pedestrian from vehicular traffic while adding a natural softness and human scale elements. Additionally, pedestrian safety is increased by enhancing the visibility of intersection where crosswalks will be made shorter by having the sidewalk “bulb-out” further into the street. 

Another exciting element of the design is one that highlights yet another role the street can play in our community, creating a gateway. The “Welcome to Historic Downtown Boulder City” sign will be located at the intersection of Nevada Way and Buchanan. The sign will create an entry feature that will reference our city’s history by mimicking the architecture of the intake towers at the Hoover Dam. “It will be beautiful and inviting,” stated Jill Lagan, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and one of the many supporters of the project. “This new draw into the area will enhance business and will provide local residents with a pride in Boulder City as it will truly be an amazing asset to our community.”

Just as the new sign will welcome visitors to Boulder City, Boulder City has welcomed its residents and businesses to partake in the process and comment on the project through its design phase. This is a big project for Boulder City and one of the most challenging projects the Public Works has had in over 13 years. Because it is a timely and costly venture, Public Works has conducted significant public outreach to gather feedback and garner support. So far, they have received good response and have put considerable efforts into addressing the community’s concerns.

The Public Works Department is committed to maintaining extensive contact and communication with the businesses throughout construction. Scott Hansen, Director of Public Works, believes that communication is key to a successful project. “I know from meeting with each one of the business owners individually that the economy is impacting them. It is my goal to cause as little disruption as possible during the project and end up with a final project all stakeholders can be proud of!”

With that said, everyone involved in the project asks that Boulder City continue to give its support and keep the big picture in mind as the project moves forward. “The construction process will bring challenges and temporary inconvenience to our residents and businesses in the area,” stated Doug Scheppmann, owner of State Farm located on Nevada Way, “but the long term benefits of pedestrian safety, beautification, improved quality of life, and enhanced property values will make it worthwhile.”

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