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Lessons Learned
by Jim LaBuda
Interim Dean of Education
Nevada State College

Holidays, Time & Kids!

As the Holiday Season continues, I look forward to the kids coming home from college and the possibility of spending some time together as a family.

I say possibility, because I do realize that their priorities may be in connecting with friends, sleeping late, and eating anything and everything in the refrigerator. However, I do look forward to them popping in the door, even if laundry bag is in hand, and getting that initial hug.

That time with my kids is important to me. I realize, even with their busy social schedule, it is probably important to them too. So as you make out your Christmas list, may I suggest you think about giving your child the gift of “time.” I know it sounds like a holiday cliché but I do think it is the most important thing we can give our kids.

You don’t need to schedule a whole day event, especially when they want to be elsewhere. Find a few minutes here and there, take an extra 20 seconds to listen to them and take the opportunity to do something special for them.

Here are some ideas:

Make them a hot breakfast - you’ll have all morning while they sleep.

Offer them a soda or a glass of milk - when they take over your favorite chair.

Help fold their laundry - they’ll have to talk to you.

Play a video game with them- you probably need to improve your technology skills.

Start some small talk – when you hand over $10 for gas.

Hide the keys for the car – you can bond while you search together for them.

Feed their friends when they stop over – they’ll hang out at your house longer.

All joking aside, enjoy the holiday season and some time with your kids. You just might have to find some creative ways to do it.

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