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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia


The true significance of the word belief never really seemed to strike a chord with me until recently. Often times we are told that believing is essential for success, achievement, and strength. However, we are not always told why it is important. What is the importance of belief? When should we use it? Why is it so often difficult to have faith in something?

I have learned that belief is absolutely central in the act of achieving our goals. Without belief, we don’t give everything our “all.” I have one example that proved this to me. As a musician, we spend hours and hours working to prepare works for performance. When in competition, we strive to do our absolute best because we know our superiors are watching and have keen memory. There was a point when I almost gave up the opportunity to compete in a certain competition because I did not believe I had a fighting chance.

But then something completely changed my mindset. My teacher, who is very serious about me performing at my very best, was completely surprised with my performance during a lesson. Positively surprised as she was, she seemed to turn a key within my head. My entire mindset and work level changed, and I was ready to work at full force. I now believed I could perform well, and stood a chance in competition, consequently changing my action and results.

Our belief should be used in everyday life. As we are now in the holiday season, we experience a happy and warm time of year. The deeper meaning of Christmas really shines as we believe in something greater than us, a uniting factor. However, it can be difficult to completely believe. For example, the old cliché of “seeing is believing” is the philosophy of many. Sadly, that isn’t true for the highly successful. They have a vision far beyond material means, therefore swapping it to say “believing is seeing.” However, anyone and anything can be against your dreams and goals. That’s where the true value and power of belief comes into play. You and only you can make the decision to change your belief in something. With that, I wish all a warm and “belief-filled holiday” season!

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