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Cover Story
by Goldie Begley

Art In Boulder City

Thanks to the newly formed Boulder City Public Art Scape (BCPAS), the City of Boulder City Public Art Committee, and private donors, there is one more reason to visit Boulder City. Actually, 10 more reasons. Recently 10 sculptures were placed in the downtown area.

Approximately 150 people gathered for the June 29th unveiling of the artwork installed by artists, BCPAS committee members, and City Staff. The new art was unveiled and given a public seal of approval by simple oohs and aahs. The general conscientious is there is something for everybody in the collection. This new art will help revitalize the downtown area, attract business and tourists, and delight the locals.

The City of Boulder City presented two pieces. “Alabam” sculpted by famous local artist, Steve Liguori, as a tribute to the construction workers of Hoover Dam. Alabam cleaned and kept the latrines supplied with tissue which he carried around his neck. The second City-acquired bronze is on the bump out at Nevada Way and Avenue B, “Hitchin’ a Ride”, by L’Deane Trueblood. This piece depicts the youth of Boulder City in 1931, an integral part of the families that were building Hoover Dam. Both pieces were funded by the Redevelopment Agency as a way to continue strengthening the energy of our Historic District.

The following pieces are being exhibited for the first annual BCPAS:

“The Kiss” is a bronze by Kim Kori of Sedona, Arizona. The bronze was purchased by Darlene and Vern Burk and donated to the City of Boulder City. Instead of waiting for a kiss from a princess, this smitten frog prince is blowing a kiss to the object of his desire.

“Haley III” is a stainless and mild steel sculpture by Don and Holly Lentz of Las Vegas.

“Rocky Mountains Power” is in stainless steel, from artist Nick Russotto of Grand Junction, Colorado. Showing his admiration for the raw power of big cats who play a strong influence in his life. This is a tribute to all wildlife in the West.

“Mother and Child” is made of synthetic material by artist Don Trippy of Las Vegas. Originally Mother and Child was created and poured in solid bronze much smaller than this white marble simulation.

“The Relationship” is by bronze artist Sandra Messina. As the emblem of our nation, the eagle heads exemplify strength and power. Called “The Relationship” because eagles mate for life.

“Gucci” is a bronze and sandstone by Stephanie Amos of Grand Junction, Colorado. Gucci resembles attitude and style. She is an abstract figure in a minimal form. This piece demonstrates sharp lines and distinct texture.

“Firefighter Fallen” is a bronze by John Banks of Las Vegas. Firefighter Fallen is a tribute to the 343 firefighters who gave their lives on September 11, 2001.

“Tree of the Desert” is a bronze and steel by Don Trippy of Las Vegas. The sculpture has been poured free form and took its own shape, representing trees of our desert.

Several private sculptures have also appeared recently. “Where Freedom Prevails”, a sculpture by Thomas Donalson, is a 17 foot piece of hammered stainless steel and iron based on eagles in flight that live in the federally protected area near the artists home in Tome, New Mexico. This bronze is privately owned by Milo Hurst. Along Nevada Highway you will also enjoy the many private pieces of Tom Arlt of McDonald’s. John Pfeffer displays two pieces on his property at the corner of Nevada Way and Colorado.

The concept for the BCPAS is a year long sculpture exhibit, free to the public, with the thought of revitalizing the downtown area. To accomplish this, in January of each year a call for entries is sent through, but not limited to, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California. The exhibit is open to any and all professional and amateur artists, and each artist may enter two pieces. Sculptors lend their work free of charge and BCPAS covers installation, insurance and promotional costs.

The BCPAS maintains and administers the project and is the primary funding source for the program. The new sculptures are for sale, and a 25% commission on sales will help fund continuation of the exhibit, including installation, brochures and plaques for each piece. In addition, as part of the program, an annual “Peoples Choice Award” will be presented. The public will vote for their favorite sculpture. Four ballot boxes have been placed throughout town for this purpose. Ballot boxes are located at Fiddlesticks, the Chamber of Commerce, Ace Hardware, and Milo’s.

To contact BCPAS’s private foundation, please call (702) 293-7731. To contact the City of Boulder City’s Art Committee, please call (702) 293-9358.

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