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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile - Joyce Arebalo

Joyce Arebalo was born in Salt Lake City, Utah a few years back and her folks took her to Las Vegas in 1941. She has been in and around Southern Nevada ever since.

In her early teens, Joyce dabbled in various forms of art and found it interesting. She studied art all through school but it wasn’t until later that she got serious.

Raising a family and working to pay the bills took up all of her time but she recalls thoughts of painting scenes she would see here and there. In 2000 a friend suggested that she take some lessons from well known artist Steve Lesnick. She did and oils became her choice of medium to work in. She found it to be the most forgiving for someone trying to improve skills in becoming an artist. She is still taking instruction from Mr. Lesnick as are many of his students.

While working for Sprint as an Outside Plant Engineer designing communication layouts for fiber and copper cables in subdivisions and business complexes, art became a form of relaxation for Joyce. When she retired in 2005, her telecommunications world became her art world! Now her major activities are artwork or traveling with her digital camera capturing the world in general for art reference.

She says, “Art work has opened and deepened my appreciation for the art world.” She endeavors to learn more about technique and application to interpret her surroundings. “When a canvas comes alive it is pure excitement, and is deeply fulfilling,” she added.

Joyce joined the Boulder City Art Guild in 1998 and is currently the Featured Artist at the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel. Her work will remain in “Cubicle One” until October 13th. The Gallery is open seven days a week 10 to 5, 12 to 5 on Sundays.

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