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Cover Story
by Ev Chase

Looking Toward the Future
With Vicki Mayes

Realizing the Boulder Creek Golf Course would have to be discussed, my intention was to attack that question first and go forward with the many other items of business in which our City Manager must spend time and energy.

Ed. Rebuilding credibility is the first order of business for Vicki Mayes, Boulder City's new City Manager. Having been Boulder City's City Clerk for the past 12 years she is ready and prepared for the job.

One of the first items in the order of business will be the Boulder Creek Golf Course. Will you comment on what you intend to do?

C.M. Certainly. I think the Boulder Creek Golf Course put a big dent in the City's credibility. For me, some of my personal goals are to rebuild credibility, manage finances wisely, and rebuild the City's financial stability.

That's not going to happen overnight. It will take time, but I don't think it's an insurmountable task.

Ed. Will the Boulder Creek Golf Course go away?

C.M. Not in my opinion. People have asked, why don't I consider that as an alternative? I tell them, we have taken $23 million and put it into an investment. Yes, it is an investment that isn't generating a profit for the first year or two, which is not unusual for any business.

The problem as I see it is we sold this whole idea as an enterprise fund. At least it portrayed itself that way, that the day we opened the door or in the first year, we would be making a profit.

We know now that was unrealistic. But I still think we can either treat it as a business and provide for it in the budget or look for other alternatives on how to operate that golf course.

We could lease it to someone to operate the course or look for other alternatives.

Closing the golf course is the last alternative. It would insure the loss of the money put up by the tax payers.

I have heard people say the city shouldn't be in the golf course business, but I lived near the Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course just before moving to Boulder City and considered municipality ownership normal.

If we had started this business, opened the door and starting making a profit, they would say boy the city should be in that business.

I think we have to look at all alternatives. No one wants to walk away from a $23 million investment. Especially in the first 18-24 months.

What are some of the most important goals you would like to accomplish as a new City Manager?

I want to see what I can do to address substance abuse in our community. I presented it to the council. They decided to take a role in a substance prevention program for Boulder City. I mean a community-wide substance prevention program.

We've definitely made a step in the right direction and maybe the first step where we can help mobilize the community. I'm kind of excited about that.

Another goal of mine is doing something more to preserve our city's history.

Isn't the story of Hoover Dam and the city of Boulder City being told in the museum? From what I understand they still have quite a lot of history to tell with artifacts still in storage.

I can seek out the story of Boulder City by going to the Museum in the Boulder Dam Hotel, but I would like to tell the story to the visitor as they first come in to town.

I would like to have a kiosk to explain the homes of the people who worked on Hoover Dam. We could provide directions to homes in the historic district.

There could be an art display or statuary showing what the people looked like. We could have something informing visitors that this building is City Hall, but it was a school building when they built it in the 30s.

I don't know what all the bits and pieces should be, but I think somehow we should share that story.

Ed. You will have opposition from those who will not want to spend money even for that type of city beautification program. The question would be, again, where would the money come from?

We have some challenges. Most definitely, we are going to have to look for some new revenue sources.

I believe the city bringing in revenues through leases is a wise management of our resources. Not cutting off chunks of property, but small enough pieces to maintain a healthy economy. Our city should be allowed to grow within the controlled growth rate or under it. Enough for vitality.

We're really going to take a hard look at finances. I'm going to be cautious with spending for special projects or building new things. I think it's time to start saving.

Looking Toward the Future
With Bob Blair

Because Bob Blair has been in Boulder City since 1956 and began working in real estate sales with Dick Blair Realty in 1971, it's easy to believe he has been watching what's going on with the Boulder Creek and lots around the golf course and the City's growth.

Is Boulder City a better place to live today than it was 10 -15 years ago?

B.B. Sure it is! It has more to offer now than it ever did and our controlled growth ordinance has been a great thing for Boulder City. Although we've had some recent problems we are still a better town.

I think we have a great City Manager right now with a good City Council. I believe one of our new City Manager's goals, her top priority, is to regain the City's credibility with the citizens of Boulder City.

You talk to a lot of people coming into town. What kind of feeling do you get as far as our future in Boulder City?

Our future is bright. There are a lot of people who want to move to Boulder City. Las Vegas has a major airport and they come to southern Nevada because of tax reasons, retirement, and climate. They look for small towns like Boulder City. The problem with small towns is when everyone is looking for them, they don't remain small towns. They grow into big cities. That's what's happening to our sister city, St. George. They have mushroomed.

Ed. How do you feel Dutchman's Pass will figure into our future?

I haven't looked into it in depth, but based on what I have been told and where it is located, and what impact it may have on Boulder City, I think it might be advantagous to look seriously at selling the property at some time in the future.

Dutchman's Pass, from what I understand is quite a ways from us. We won't even know it's out there.

Did the ballot results related to the sale of property around the Boulder Creek golf course in our last election surprise you?

Personally, I think the only reason the lots were not approved for sale was because the voters were not given any kind of plan as to what was going to be done with the land. They were just asked to sell 45 acres of land with no real idea as to how it would be developed.

Would it be developed as half acre custom home sites or into R3 lot, or multi-family use? It didn't say what the zoning was going to be but it is my understanding that's what they are doing now, formulating their plan.

Ed. Your prediction for our future?

Boulder City will become one of the most desireable places to live because of the controls we have in place. Boulder City will become the Beverly Hills of the Las Vegas area.

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