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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Looking Forward
This Boulder City looking forward issue may be in contrast to many publications which review the past as the year ends and the New Year begins - one title comes to mind - The Year in Review - which has been a standard over the years.

We think Boulder City is unique - unique in many ways - many good and some not so good. Our intention with this issue is to let a few of our business, government, and community leaders provide a forward looking opinion, providing a view of what Boulder City will look like in the years to come.

City Manager Vicky Mayes
Our new City Manager doesn't have a problem with looking forward into Boulder City's future, but she also knows she has to take care of some of the troubles of the past and she has no problem with telling it like it is.

Roger Hall - Recreation
We went right to the top for the recreation article this month. Roger Hall, Boulder City's Recreation Director discusses what the future holds for his department - a department covering a mass of programs to provide the city with entertainment, atheletics, and the many different program falling under Hall's command.

North Thru Nevada
I will take this one on again- and with pleasure. The one day trip was easyriding on highway 160 to Pahrump - good roads and good weather helped out. I hadn't been there in many years and my memory proved it when we crested the hill.

Spotlight on Business
Milo Hurst takes the spotlight this month. Milo is an entrepreneur in its best definition. He is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit and for the benifit of the city.
Milo surprised me with an early statement that he grew up in Las Vegas. He showed up twenty years after I did, and was envolved in the major growth years.

Don't Forget Your Tech Tip
Art and Advertising Director and local college tech teacher Brad Appleby provides the low-down and the what's up in the world of technical wonders. It's not hard for Appleby to keep up with our theme this issue, everything he teaches is pretty much about the future. This month, it's a new keyboard organizer.

BCPD Informer
This is a new addition this month written by Officer John Chase of our Boulder City Police Department.
No relation to this editor, but I certainly would claim him if necessary. Our first meeting was somewhere about 1994 when he was the BC High School Officer and I was just beginning to substitute teach and coach with Bruce Momson, track and cross country honcho. This month John has something important to say about the Ride Along Program which the Police Department has been supporting for some time now.

The Arts
Darryl Martin authors this column keeping in tune with the theme of this month's issue. He titled his piece The Future of Art in Boulder City.
Darryl explains some of the benefits of the local Arts Council which he says is the apex for all art disciplines.

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