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The Arts
by Darryl Martin

The Future of Art in Boulder City
Due to Phil Essar’s revitalization of the Boulder City Arts Council, the future of art in Boulder City is better than ever.

The Arts Council is becoming the apex for all art disciplines; performing arts, visual, literature arts and crafts. It is a virtual community dedicated to the aid and enhancement of all art in Boulder City.

The benefit of artistic souls congregating cannot be overstated. The perfect example would be Paris of the 1800’s. The impressionist and post impressionist movement was a melding of painters, writers and collectors. Corbet, Renoir, Manet, Monet and writer, Emile Zola, all shared a passion that encompassed varied styles and mediums.

Boulder City artists also now have the support of many local businesses. Perfect examples are (but certainly not limited to); Milo’s Wine Cellar, John Pfeffer, Bob and Donna Draney. Their businesses are alive with local art.

The audience of Boulder City is also helping to create art. It takes both society and an individual to create art. Art is formed not only by the impulse or feelings of the artist, but also by society’s influences on the artist as a person and by society’s acceptance, rejection, or expectation of the artist.

And, an art appreciative audience has been growing in Boulder City over the last 20 years! Thanks to individuals like Miss Amy and her Dance Etc., our young people are exposed to the performing arts like in no other small town in America.

The future of art in Boulder City is, indeed, a bright future!

Note: The “Dam Short Film Festival”, featuring 100 short films begins Feb. 4. Contact the Boulder City Arts Council for information.

Darryl Martin is the president of the Boulder City Arts Council. Contact:

BCAC website:

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