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Spotlight on Business
by Ev Chase

Boulder City's Future is in Energy
Milo Hurst, as they say, "shot himself in the foot."

Like many people, when Las Vegas began driving it's population upward toward a million people and beyond, Milo moved out.

Shortly before reaching the legal age to enjoy Las Vegas, Milo became part of the Las Vegas problem - Milo chose a profession as a real estate developer.

"I did my first little project when I was twenty," says Milo who appropriately so, built a 20-lot subdivision in Blue Diamond, a small town northwest of Las Vegas in the foothills of the Spring Mountain range.

From that beginning, Milo continued his efforts to house the increasing population of the small Las Vegas town he loved.

"I built two mobile home estate projects, one on Sunrise Mountain and one close to Sam's Town."

He built other projects, mainly residential and after he had built enough to help chase himself out of town he had doubts about where he wanted to live.

"When Las Vegas got to be a million people I realized it wasn't exactly where I wanted to be anymore."

It was time for a sabbatical leave.

"I basically took a tour of the western United States," Milo says. "I went north in a motorhome and drove around Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, and I came back through Boulder City."

"Along the way, I was getting a mine-set of where I wanted to be. I wanted to live in a smaller town, I wanted to be close to an airport, and I wanted to have a college campus in town. That's one of the things that hasn't happened here yet."

One of Milo's wishes, or dreams, is to have that college campus in Boulder City. As a businessman he sees students frequenting Milo's Best Cellars Sidewalk Cafe and Wine Bar.

"I would really like to see that (a college) in the future," he says. "I've even wondered about having classes in alternative medicines. Maybe massage, on a small campus of some kind.

I've talked with Andrea Anderson (local director of CCSN) about the College and they really have a good start in that direction with the Pilot's program."

"I was invited by a friend," Milo continues, "who is a city planner. We attended a seminar in Las Vegas where they brought planners in from all over the country. It was very interesting to me because what the speaker, a world renown City Planner, described (in fact had pictures of our main street in his slide show) is that what we have here is pretty near perfect in a lot of ways."

Perfect is pretty hard to reach, but Milo looks at people and business for something he calls "energy" and admires it when he sees it.

"I think there is good energy on my street (Nevada Way)," Milo says. "Al and Carie up the street (Coffee Cup) are spending money. They're not in rental property, they bought it and I think over the next year you'll see them making more changes to the Coffee Cup.

One of the things I haven't seen yet, although many people have talked about it, is a walking mall atmosphere.

A mall where we don't have A-frame signs, but we have instructional signs.

I think once this area, I'm not talking about just in front of my business, but all the way to City Hall, develops with simple signage, RV parking, public restrooms, then we will have a more active downtown business community."

Milo is not totally invested in just his wine and cafe. On the property behind Milo's Best Cellars he is developing a bed and breakfast. The entrance is actually in the alley near the old Central Telephone building.

In addition Milo has plans for the corner of Nevada Way and Wyoming.

"We're all approved, but I haven't started that project yet. I have so many irons in the fire right now. I'm excited about that property. It's not a little project it's an 8,000 sq. foot building and represents probably a million dollars in construction."

What we have to worry about is, if Milo builds too much than he'll move and take his energy with him.

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