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Damboree Celebration:
Great Americans, The Next Generation
by Patty Sullivan
BC Parks and Recreation

The Damboree Committee has invited Mr. Clare Tobler and 2014-2015 5th grade students who have achieved the Great American Award to represent "Great Americans, The Next Generation" as this year's grand marshal entry for the 4th of July Damboree Parade. The Damboree Committee further extends the invitation to all those who have obtained The Great American Award over the past 32 years to support this year's grand marshal entry. Please contact Recreation Program Coordinator Patty Sullivan at 702-293-9340 or for details.

When sixteen-year Clark County School District teacher Clare Tobler created The Great American Award for his 5th grade students in 1983, our community, state, and nation were forever changed. The Great American Award fits the 5th grade curriculum because many of the Social Studies objectives relate to American History. Mr. Tobler created this award to instill patriotism in his students and to support the 5th grade curriculum in an exciting and meaningful way. A noticeable outcome of this award is the tremendous pride the students feel for obtaining the status of The Great American Award and an increase in patriotism that spans generations.
Mr. Tobler shares his story of how he was inspired to create this award:

Shortly after being assigned to the 5th Grade, I was visiting my parents and telling them how excited I was to be teaching American History. My dad said he memorized the Gettysburg Address when he was in the 5th Grade and with a little prompting he thought he could still recite it. He was 75 years old and sure enough, he was able to complete it with only a few helps. I thought every student should have the opportunity to memorize this great speech. It then came to me to add some other patriotic recitations, the Presidents of the United States, states and capitals, Preamble to the Constitution, recite or sing the National Anthem, write the Pledge of Allegiance with no spelling or punctuation errors. I called this, The Great American Award and presented it to every student who completed each of these recitations. All students were encouraged to go for the Award, but this was not a requirement. It was used for enrichment for students that completed their regular assignments. It has spread throughout Clark County and throughout several other states. I believe it is important to teach patriotism and pride in our country. I love America.

In addition to The Great American Award, Mr. Tobler started the tradition of the Civil War reenactment which has become an activity Boulder City school aged children look forward to each year. With the faithful sound of the cannon, all are primed for the start of the war and with the sound of the bugle; the excitement escalates for each water balloon battle. Today, all Boulder City 5th grade classes participate in The Great American Award and Civil War reenactment held each spring at Boulder City High School football field.

It is impossible to say how many of our country's youth have developed a passion and love for our country inspired by historical knowledge gained by obtaining The Great America Award since its inception over thirty years ago. It is safe to say that The Great American Award recipients from right here in Boulder City are giving back to our community and nation by serving in our armed forces, as police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, teachers and many more professions that serve our nation and community. Boulder City was fortunate to have Mr. Tobler's enthusiastic teaching style for sixteen years in Boulder City.


Please join the Damboree Committee in celebrating the birth of our nation on Saturday, July 4th, starting with the 7am Rotary Pancake Breakfast. The more parade participants and spectators the better at the 9am parade down Nevada Way. Mingle in Broadbent Park, where you'll be sure to see "old" friends and enjoy the entertainment, food and games. For the best view of the Veterans Memorial Park fireworks, you'll want to get to the park early. Parking is $10, and the funds raised support the overall success of the day.

Parade applications, event schedule and request for donations letter can be found at under the events tab. Please note that there is a new parade application fee structure in place this year. For best pricing, submit your application prior to June 17, 2015.

For more information, please call the
Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department at 702-293-9256.

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