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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

I Bid You All a Fond Farewell

One score and two and a half years ago, my career in Boulder City began with an offer of employment by Chief Robert Lowrie. While I have had an outstanding experience, I understand that many good things must come to an end. I, along with my super-supportive wife, Elizabeth, have decided it is time for me to turn in my gun belt to further pursue and build our business, AmeriSent Insurance – Boulder City, effectively bringing my 22.5 year law enforcement career to an end.

It has been an amazing experience, working the "mean" streets of Boulder City. I have had the opportunity to save a few lives, take a lot of people to jail, write a bunch of tickets and yes, eat a few hearty donuts along the way. I have met a lot of wonderful people, worked with some amazing public servants and had the honor to become a part of our town.

I feel compelled to provide a couple of parting thoughts on crime and disorder in "Clean Green Boulder City."

First, for the parents – Boulder City is a great place to raise your children. It is imperative you stay active in your kids' lives. Failure to do so can be detrimental to their healthy development. Boulder City has a significant problem with drugs and alcohol. Prescription and other illegal drug abuse are at an all-time "high" – no pun intended. Stay involved and active in your children's lives and you are head and shoulders above many others.

Secondly, looking the other way on issues of crime and disorder will not lesson the adverse impact it is having on our community. Chief David Mullin used to tell us often that we are in this together with the community. We need their help if we are going to have an impact. He was right – the partnership involving the community and police has room for improvement. We need active participation by everyone to maintain our quality of life we have all come to enjoy.

Lastly, we need to celebrate successes, which is exactly what I plan on doing December 2nd. Thank you again and please, stay safe!

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