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Cover Story

Boulder City Auction House
by David Sharp

"The secret to success is making your vocation your vacation." Mark Twain wrote it, but Sherman Wright and Chris Alo are living it. The owners of Sherman's House of Antiques and the Boulder City Antique Market, respectfully, and co-owners of the Boulder City Auction House; these two unique people are the personification of that quote. Their big hearts and honest business practices are part of the reason that Boulder City is such a special place. Their chance meeting, sitting in adjacent chairs at their local barber shop years ago, changed their career paths forever.

Sherman was drawn to Boulder City by his sister, Maxine Boone. She told Sherman, "You need to come and take a look at this little city." At the time, Sherman was living in Baltimore, cooking in a senior living facility. Sherman recalls, "It only took me three days to fall totally in love with this place. It had my heart – hook, line and sinker. And twenty years later, I'm still here and plan to be here for the rest of my life."

"My hobby has always been picking," Sherman continues. "That's the name given to those of us who love to pursue the swap meets and auctions far and wide, with an eye out for an item's future sales potential. The next natural step was to open my own store." And that's exactly what he did. In the summer of 2011, with the support of his wife and business partner, Brenda Wright, Sherman's House of Antiques hit the Boulder City scene with its eclectic style and honest business model.

Sherman's infectious smile and kind manner tell you he means what he says. "A successful business should be conducted with honor. I've had several locations here in Boulder City, and when I found my current location, I knew this one would be my permanent home."

Chris, a dedicated family man and Las Vegas local since the age of seven, opened Alo's Attic in Boulder City in 2011. Chris is married to Magela; together they have three boys: ages 20, 16, and 9. He settled his family in Boulder City, "because I felt the small town and wholesome environment would be a good place to raise the boys." When asked which of the boys shows the most interest in following in their dad's footsteps, he says, "They're all good, hardworking, and helpful around the store. Of the three, the youngest shows the most potential to follow in my footsteps."

Since before he can remember, Chris has been running swap meets with his father. He strives to ensure his family plays a big role in his business. "I will always be thankful to my father for bringing us West. He has been the biggest inspiration in my life."

Back to that fateful meeting in the barber shop, Sherman and Chris found that they had a mutual love of picking. Joining forces became a reality six months ago, when Chris purchased the already successful Boulder City Antique Market (located right up the street from Sherman's House of Antiques) and relocated the treasures from Alo's Attic to their new home. This new location had a space that offered both Chris and Sherman a new opportunity. Together they now own and operate the Boulder City Auction House, located inside the Boulder City Antique Market.
They are both very happy with the joint-venture. Chris remarked, "I feel blessed to have Sherman not only as a business partner, but as a once-in-a-lifetime friend." Sherman agrees. "Chris and I share the same values, and that's important in both friendship and the business world." Both are strong supporters of the Boulder City community and they happily contribute to the many events and fundraisers.

Their shared dream is to take a long road trip across the country together, seeking out the treasures that make their business so unique and so much fun. It may be hard work, but for them, it's nothing more than another journey on their wonderful vacation called life.

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