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North Thru Nevada

Not Just A Train Ride - An Experience
by Everett Chase

I have to admit in the many decades since I left high school I have spent more time in northern Arizona than I have northern Nevada.

High school athletics took me to northern Nevada, and the Navy took me to Arizona. Navy and the desert - rather an oxymoron wouldn't you say?

Although I have taken several trips North Thru Nevada, both north east and north west, I spent most of my travel and vacation time in Arizona - mostly because I married a native. The marriage ended, but my trips to our neighboring state didn't. In the many times I returned for a visit or traveled through Arizona on Route 66/I40, even though I stayed over in Williams on several occasions, I didn't take the time to enjoy the railway trip to the canyon. I expect I thought it would be there the next time I came through - I was right.

The entertainment begins when your ticket is paid. And it starts at the OK Corral - I think it was OK.

When all the buckaroos were dead and laying in the horse manure, we were ready to board the train.

If you didn't have a partner you could rent one for a few bucks right there at the depot before you boarded.

That was important to know because all the seats were set up in pairs and next to each other too.

On the trip to the Canyon and back, there was never a boring moment. Western characters, some with serious information about the train, the canyon, Native American culture of the area, and strolling musicians entertained us throughout the trip.

A couple of those dead cowboys we left behind came back to life and robbed the train. They didn't get but a few bucks.

The trip took about 2 1/2 hours one way and when we arrived we had about 3 hours to wander around, see the sites, have lunch, shop, and just hang out and watch other people watch you/me or the rented one.

Hey! The following is a serious thought. As a former geology student who remembers little about how the world was built, I have to say, as many times as I have viewed the Grand Canyon, it has never ceased to amaze me - this trip was no different.

I know, I'm not suppose to feed the squirrels, but they talked me into it - it wasn't my fault.

The rest of the trip you will have to take your car and the map because there are many more places to see and stories to tell when one travels North Thru Arizona.

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