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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Speaking of Train Rides

Try the Grand Canyon trip too

On Vacation and Stuff
Our North Thru Nevada article on page 16 may appear to be a misnomer, at least according to my map, but I have an excuse. I thought it was time to add a few special activities from our Arizona neighbors to the east and take a vacation too.

Taking several days off to enjoy a train ride to the Grand Canyon with a friend appeared to be the perfect vacation. The train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, AZ, was the focus of our trip and was well worth traveling the distance even if we did nothing else. But we continued east and south and added several more interesting sites such as Meteor Crater, Sedona, Montezuma's Castle, and the old mining town of Jerome. I thought it would provide more interest to my reporting.

Although I have been to the Grand Canyon on several occasions, I had not taken the train ride from Williams. We added the rest of the activities for my companion who grew up in Chicago and had only been to Phoenix a couple of times. That's not visiting Arizona. She certainly received a good taste of the old west with this trip. Hopefully ya'll will benefit as well.

The interview with Greg Corbin in our March issue about our Boulder City train museum may have rekindled my curiosity about trains. It was interesting to make comparisons and think about the future possibilities of the Nevada Southern Railway - possibilities already discussed with Corbin. Read about our trip on page 16 and consider supporting Corbin and the Nevada Southern Railway in future efforts to enhance our local experience.

One may make an astute observation related to the two railway operations. I would have to rate the Canyon ride as outstanding and an experience that is hard to beat - coming and going. I will quickly add, however, they may have a better site seeing trip, but we have the best looking engine!

June 2004 Anniversary Issue
We have completed our seventh year of publication in one form or another. We are proud of our accomplishment and thankful for the opportunity as well.

In searching through back issues to find out how I had recognized and presented past anniversaries, I became aware of the duration of involvement by Art and Advertising Director, Brad Appleby. Although he officially filled his present position for Boulder City, The Magazine, in January 2004, his handywork showed up as far back as January 2002 in the Boulder City Home Guide.

The Boulder City Home Guide, a publication answering a question asked by seven real estate brokers of Boulder City (What else can we do to advertise?) began with the printing of a 16 page black and white cheap newsprint booklet. That first volume was in June of 1997.

The second issue was upgraded to a better paper, but it wasn't until the advent of advertising and our first advertiser, Boulder Dam Credit Union, that the Home Guide began to look like a home guide.

Appleby's most obvious participation began with a cover shot of the new Boulder City Library in the May 2002 issue. A panoramic view of the Library and another creative portrayal - the Nevada Veteran's Nursing Home - the following month, made me realize something more than plain snapshots should be used on the cover.

Now that Appleby is aboard I believe I will stick with words and leave the art to the artist.

There is no doubt, even with additional pages and additional advertisers, we would not have made it this far without the support of the local real estate brokers and agents. The majority of the original brokers have been advertising since the beginning, while the "spin-off" brokers and agents have been filling the additional pages over the years. Our thanks to all of them.

Since coming aboard officially, Brad has added more color and graphic design to the real estate broker's and agent's pages.

While the addition of color backgrounds should be finished by the next edition, changes will continue to be made to enhance our reader's experience.

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