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Boulder City History

Boulder City Community Garden
by Dennis McBride

Boulder citizens often find themselves lost in personal and political imbroglios. Six years ago was a particularly angry time with such issues as the Eldorado Valley landfill, MGM golf course, and the Adams Boulevard extension inciting demonstrations and pungent letters to the editor. But out of that chaotic time grew an effort to bring Boulder City together: the Boulder City Community Gardens on the grounds of the city‘s original water filtration plant. Dedicated on October 17, 1998, the community gardens were a joint project of the Green Team and the Hoe & Grow Garden Club, with financial support from the Reflections Center Fund and the Urban Resources Partnership Fund. Citizens who were on opposite sides politically found themselves working together to plant and tend the gardens. It was one of the few places in town where a project was more important than personal agendas, and a real community spirit could be felt.

The gardens promised to be the centerpiece of an elaborate remaking of the Colorado Street entrance to Boulder City as a public space, with a hundred trees, green houses, a healing-in ground, and an art and horticultural center in the elegant old filter plant.

For the past six years, the Boulder City Community Gardens have flourished, providing greens for summer salads, brilliant displays of flowers and cactus—and free dinner for the city’s wild rabbits. It’s important to note that the original layout of the raised beds takes the shape of the Chung-Fu hexagram from the Chinese I Ching philosophy system. This figure, known as “sincerity,” refers to inner peace and stability, which is what the gardens were meant to inspire. It also warns of the ruin that personal and political deception brings.

Community spirit is a fragile thing, however, and it needs encouragement through projects like the community gardens. But the gardens are in danger today as the city council considers selling the filter plant and its grounds to a private individual who will uproot the gardens to build an expensive private home.

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