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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Be a Drone Pilot

Have you ever thought about making a living as a drone pilot? Now is the time to get started. Recent rule changes by the FAA have made it possible for anyone 16 and older to get a drone pilot’s license. And here is the kicker, you don’t even need to show you know how to fly one. Before the rule changed, you needed to have an aircraft pilot’s license and training that could cost you thousands of dollars. Now it requires just the cost of the FAA test which is $150, and once you pass you are good to fly. With this new license, businesses can fly drones weighing up to 55 pounds in sparsely populated areas up to 400 feet above the ground during daylight hours and within sight of the pilot. The FAA estimates that 600,000 commercial drones could begin flying in the next year.

Aerodrome and Boulder City have worked together to provide a place to train and fly your drones. To view an online tour of the Aerodrome training office, visit: To visit the online Drone Port visit:

So, here is the best way to get started. Visit the website at and you can sign up for classes. Online classes start at $150 with the class Flight Unmanned Aircraft: Part 107 Test Preparation. At the completion of this online class, the student will be able to demonstrate a high degree of understanding of the aeronautical knowledge required to safely operate a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in the national airspace. The student will also be able to successfully complete the FAA Knowledge Test for sUAS Remote Pilots.

If you need more training, you can always take the onsite class starting at $650, Flight Unmanned Aircraft: Part 107 Operator and Remote Pilot. This class also includes a sUAS flight to bring learning and skill together in the learning process. The listed prices of the classes are the discount prices at the time I wrote this article and are subject to change. For current pricing, visit

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