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Mayor's Brief
by Rodney S. Woodbury
Boulder City Mayor

Land Management Plan

Every year, the City reviews its Land Management Plan (LMP) during public meetings. So, I want to make sure that you’re familiar with the process.

The LMP provides a mechanism for the purchase or lease of city owned land. Adopted in 2001, the enabling ordinance allows citizens to provide input on possible disposition of city owned land long before the City Council takes final action.

By September 1st, the City must issue public notice that it’s developing the annual LMP for the following year. Businesses, developers, and private citizens interested in acquiring or leasing city owned property must file an application with the city clerk’s office within thirty days after the public notice. Applications were accepted through the end of September.

Proposals are preliminarily reviewed by the City Council. Then, applications deemed suitable are forwarded to the Planning Commission for further review and recommendation. The Planning Commission conducts a public hearing to consider whether the proposed uses are appropriate for the proposed locations. The Council then holds a second public hearing to determine which, if any, submittals should be included in the upcoming year’s LMP.

Inclusion of a parcel in the LMP doesn’t necessarily mean that it will ultimately be leased, sold, or developed. In fact, there are currently 29 LMP parcels dating back to 2003 that, still haven’t been leased or sold. LMP parcels are reviewed annually to determine if disposition is appropriate and feasible. The LMP process was developed to keep the public informed, enhance transparency, and provide citizens early, ample and repeated opportunities to provide input.

For more information on the LMP process, application requirements, or maps showing LMP parcels and their proposed uses, please visit the City’s website at I look forward to hearing your land use ideas as we continue through the 2017 LMP process.

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