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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder City Art Guild

Special Christmas Cards

Christmas is coming and with it comes the question of what to do about sending great greeting cards to the special people in your life.

The first Christmas cards were hand-made in England during the middle ages. “Merry” Christmas, a spiritual greeting, meaning “blessed” Christmas was often used on these first cards.

In 1843, John Calcott Horsley made the first commercial card on a wood-cut as a favor to a friend, Sir Henry Cole. Many thought the fad would soon end, but 169 years later the “fad” is still going strong.

In the United States, the Hall Company, now Hallmark, began producing commercially made Christmas cards around 1915. They were so popular it was proposed to congress in 1922 by the Washington D.C. Director of Mails to limit the amount of cards sent by each family. He said he had to hire 16 new workers just to handle the burgeoning influx of cards being sent and he was afraid they would become a “bottle neck” for the postal system.

Originality in holiday greeting is often a challenge to some. The Boulder City Art Guild just may have the answer for something unique this year. The artists of the Boulder City Art Gallery and the young artists of the ABC Art Center have created cards both unique and original for sale during the holidays. They may be seen at the Boulder City Art Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel.

Well-known local artists Aileen Dike, Georgine Morelli, Happy Hokenga, Hamilton Moore and Steve Campbell, to name a few, have produced many beautifully unique cards. These cards are available as singles or in boxed sets. Some are one of a kind while others are reproductions of original art done in various media.

Cards are not the only items available for discerning patrons. Recently added to the Gallery is wood-turning artist Jim Glynn. His work is imaginative and of very high quality. There are also many one-of-a-kind pottery items by professional artisans. Book markers, magnets and jewelry items are also displayed for those who might want stocking stuffers. You are invited to stop and enjoy the artists’ work.

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