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BCPD Informer
by Daniel M. Jennings
Retired, Boulder City Police Department
Retired, U.S. Army Captain

A Stress-Free Holiday Season

Unnecessary stress can ruin the best-planned holidays.  To ensure this “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is not hijacked by the Grinch, Scrooge, or the “bah, humbug” crowd, please take a few moments to ensure your holidays are safe and memorable.

Boulder City enjoys a remarkably low crime rate, but thieves and con artists will take advantage of your good-naturedness and holiday spirit.

Be extra careful while driving. Plan your shopping trips to include the route you will drive and where you will park, especially when shopping outside of Boulder City. Anticipate deviousness.

If stopped in traffic, be wary of another vehicle bumping you from behind. One’s normal reaction is to exit the vehicle and check for damage while calling the police. However, this allows a passenger in the “at-fault” vehicle to quickly exit, grab your cell phone and, in a worst-case scenario, jump into your vehicle and drive off. If bumped in such a manner, do not exit your vehicle.  Turn your emergency flashers on, use your cell phone to call 311, and pull into a lighted area where people are present. The “at-fault” vehicle may leave, but your life and property will be safe.

Park in well-lighted parking lots and be aware of your surroundings. Walk confidently. Be alert to approaching strangers who ask for the time or spare change. A civil “no thank you” will suffice as you continue walking. If a stranger persists in bothering you, a whistle on your key chain works better than a vehicle’s panic alarm.

While shopping, keep your personal information private and have a special place for receipts. Credit and debit transactions should be verified on-line and with next month’s statements.

Upon returning to your vehicle, use a shopping cart to carry your merchandise. This keeps your hands free and improves your field of vision. A shopper is most vulnerable while loading and unloading merchandise from a vehicle, especially if accompanied by young children.

Prior planning will enhance holiday memories and help us remember the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

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