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Cover Story
Boulder City Public Art Scape
by BCPAS Volunteers

The Boulder City Public Art Scape, Inc. (“BCPAS”) was established in the fall of 2006. Its purpose is to exhibit original outdoor sculptures year-round in Old Town Boulder City, Nevada. The sculptures are owned by the individual artists and are loaned to Boulder City to be exhibited. One of the purposes of establishing the BCPAS is to create a more visually pleasing environment in Boulder City. We also try to expand the opportunities for residents and visitors to experience quality works of art by exhibiting outdoor art displays and acquisitions of sculpture in the Old Town area.

BCPAS is a 501(C)(3) non-profit volunteer organization. Its management consists of a 13 member Board of Directors. There is also an honorary Board of 12 individuals who give additional support to the organization.

Funds raisers for the BCPAS are held throughout the year to support the various art exhibits around Boulder City. Approximately $30,000 is needed each and every year to keep this wonderful program operating. Our largest fundraiser to date was our “A Taste For The Arts” event that consisted of a get-together with food sampling from various restaurants in the area, along with a fun and exciting Christmas tree auction. We also held a “Non-Party” event and a Chair Auction, both of which aided in raising funds for BCPAS. Sponsorship funds are received from the yearly brochure that we publish and distribute throughout Boulder City. Also, some of our funding comes from the sale of the sculptures themselves. Twenty-five percent of the sale price goes to BCPAS to help fund future projects.

The beginning of each year is when the process starts for selecting new works of sculpture for the coming year’s exhibits. BCPAS is open to professional and amateur artists of all backgrounds. Artists may submit up to two of their own original sculptures. The jurors who evaluate the submittals are representatives from the BCPAS Board of Directors and other Boulder City community leaders. Each art submission must be an original creation.

The consideration of highest priority is the inherent artistic excellence of the piece of art. Since each exhibit has the possibility of being a long-term acquisition, it also should have relevance aesthetically to the Boulder City community in future years, and reflect enduring artistic quality. In addition, submitted sculptures should be structurally and surface sound, be resistant to theft, vandalism and weathering, and require minimal maintenance. All works of art should be compatible in style, scale, material form and content with their immediate surroundings, the Old Town area, and Boulder City in general, and have a broad range of appeal to the general public. Finally, the sculptures should not create inordinate safety problems or liability problems.

The juror’s job is to critique all entries on artistic merit, creativity, public safety, durability and appropriateness for public outdoor display. All of this hard work is usually accomplished by early March, when notification of jury results is made to the various artists who submitted pieces.

But that is just the beginning. The work continues for the volunteers when delivery of the shipped sculptures begins in late May. A certain site selection criteria must be adhered to, which takes into account visibility and accessibility of the site by the general public, including handicap accessibility and any other Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Public safety, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns and sight lines, as well as the relationship of the site to existing or future architectural or landscaping features or plans, must be considered.

Finally, a date is set towards the end of May for the placement of the new exhibits and the removal of the previous year’s exhibits. Luckily, numerous volunteers make themselves available with the necessary equipment and manpower to help unload, place, and secure the artwork to pedestals or a concrete sidewalk. This monumental job involves the use of cranes, forklifts and welders. When the last sculpture is placed and everything else is finally finished, the artists, volunteers and Board Members, attend a wonderful awards ceremony in the evening.

All sculptures exhibited during the year-long exhibit are available for sale. Brochures with photos of the sculptures are distributed in Boulder City throughout the year. During the year, the public has the opportunity to vote for their favorite sculpture for the “People’s Choice” award, and the “People’s Choice” sculpture may be purchased for permanent display.

BCPAS is pleased to have been able to bring fabulous art to the streets of Boulder City these last 3 years. Please join us in continuing our efforts by supporting our fundraisers and if possible by volunteering your time. For further information about BCPAS, please contact Darlene Burk at (702) 293-7731.

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