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What is Mold?
by Scott Sauer

Molds are found naturally in both outdoor and indoor environments. They gain access to our homes by spores moving though the air and on people as they move in and out of their homes. Most mold does not pose a problem until it deposits itself on a moist surface which can be used as a food source. Mold can take hold in as little as 24 hours. After about 7 days it begins to produce spores which can then be released into the air.

Mold spores will move through the home and begin to grow on other moist surfaces. The best way to prevent mold growth is to eliminate moisture from your residence. Moisture intrusion can occur in a number of different ways - from plumbing or roof leaks, appliances that overflow or moisture entering from under the concrete floors though cracks. Studies show that 35% of homes will experience some sort of moisture intrusion this year alone. This means that 1 in 3 homes could have a potential mold issue. It is imperative to correct the cause of the water source immediately, thereby eliminating one of the necessary ingredients for mold to grow.

Although many people choose to clean mold themselves using bleach, it is not effective in eliminating all types of mold. Trying to clean the mold yourself can release spores into the indoor air, which can then contaminate other areas of your home. If you feel you have the potential for a mold problem the best thing to do is to seek the advice of a Certified Mold Professional, like ASI. We will inspect the area and collect samples that will be evaluated by the lab to determine whether a mold problem exists. Then we will make recommendations on how you should proceed in correcting the problem.

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