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Analects From The Publisher
by Ev Chase

An Idea From The Book Guy
Eldorado Canyon and Nelson, NV are not only where my travels took me last month, but it's the name of an interesting work of documented history by Donna Andress, a Nelson resident.

If you recall, from this column's March issue, I mention I would "coordinate a book or short book list advertised by the Book Guy with articles or stories appearing in the magazine."

Eldorado Canyon and Nelson, Nevada is a good place to start. It covers more than a century of southern Nevada history, is a good read, and certainly one of the best research aids written about Nevada. Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you how to get it.

Spotlight On Business
I drop in from time to time for a chat with Bette at Vicktorian Visions. I've always found her to be cheerful, friendly, and now and then, I even get a big hug. Also, now and then I buy something for Sharon and sometimes take her with me.

Bette is always friendly, certainly not bashful, and somtimes outspoken -which the lead paragraph of our article may point out. From my point of view, Mayor Ferraro should be honored Bette is watching for him.

She told me she wrote to Bill Ferrence after reading his newspaper column - something about local business. Bill showed up in her store, looked around, and told her she had a nice store. Bill is also honest - he told her he may not come in to shop often, but he would tell Cheryl about it. Bill is also shrewd.

Cover Story
I suppose one would call this a perennial cover story. The Magazine (in all its formats) has been covering the Chamber event for the past seven years.

The Boulder City Chamber of Commerce Spring Jamboree pops up on the first full weekend of May. That would be May 7& 8, Saturday and Sunday.

It's a reoccuring blast and it keeps getting better. Get the scoop about the activities and read the list of things to do. There are some interestingadditions.

Traveling Thru Nevada
I decided to rename North Thru Nevada to Traveling Thru Nevada in order catch Southern Nevada areas without having to apologize or explain why I didn't go North Thru Nevada when the snow flies.

This month I made a 50-mile round trip (give or take a yard or two) to Nelson, an early Nevada mining community southeast on 95. Hang a left turn on 165 and travel until you reach the first sign of civilization - that's Nelson. Get the skinny on page 16.

Also, if you haven't already read the adjacent column from the Book Guy, there is a book out there whichs tells all about this issues subject.

Tech Tip
The Tech Tip gets organized - with photos, that is. And something Appleby is when it comes to his digital photography is organized.
Join Brad in this months column and learn how not to misplace your photographic memories.

BCPD Informer
Officer John Chase the Mags top cop and a learned member of our Boulder City Police Department is back to let us know what's important for us and Boulder City from a professional point of view.

Health & Fitness
Scott Sauer steps in and provides insight to a moldy, but important subject. Thinking mold does not appear in this dry desert climate is a mistake. Mold is one scary movie.

The Arts
Tune in on the Red Mountain Music Company and their activities coming up in the near future. The talented and active group has been wowing the audiences with it's variety of performances.

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