Mayor's Brief
by Rodney S. Woodbury
Boulder City Mayor

Pool Planning

Trouble, oh we got trouble, Right here in River City! With a capital "T." That rhymes with "P." And that stands for Pool

So sings con-artist Professor Harold Hill in the Broadway musical The Music Man, masquerading as a traveling band instructor and deliberately inciting mass hysteria over a small town’s new pool table, suggesting it’s leading boys into a world of vice.

Well, Boulder City has pool trouble, too, but ours has nothing to do with billiards. Our existing pool complex was built 37 years ago, and while it remains a popular facility, its systems are constantly in need of repair, and it no longer meets standards required to host competitive swim meets.

For years, there’s been talk about a new aquatics facility. But we’re finally taking steps toward making that dream a reality. The City Council recently budgeted funds for the initial planning stages, and the master planning process is already in full swing.

The first step is to hire a consultant, so this month we hope to approve the final bid package and begin advertising, with the goal of selecting a consultant by October. The next step will include public outreach efforts to present options and solicit input from various user groups and citizens.

Not a pool user? No problem, the feasibility of integrating multiple recreational, cultural, and community areas into the aquatics center will also be a major topic of discussion, including, arts and crafts, fitness, racquetball, sports, classes and camps, cultural gatherings, special events, and the like.

If all goes well, we’ll have a master plan by next spring, begin the yearlong design process next summer, possibly have a ballot question to approve a bond sale in November 2018, if necessary, and begin construction in 2019, with a brand new aquatics and cultural center as early as 2020.

That’s an aggressive schedule, to be sure. But the shape it ultimately takes is really up to you. So, I hope you’ll join us in the process as an active Participant (with a capital “P”)!

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