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See Spot Run
Boulder City Off-Leash Dog Park
Located at Veterans Memorial Park

Pets can bring pleasure to our lives like nothing else on earth. Owning pets, in this case, dogs, offers a wealth of benefits. In exchange for the many benefits our dogs provide us, as responsible pet owners, it is our obligation to provide our dogs with a healthy environment. See Spot Run Inc. is a 501-(C)-(3) non-profit organization that was established to advance, support, promote, and maintain, for the benefit of the public, See Spot Run Dog Park, located in Boulder City, Nevada. The dog park is at 1811 Commons Way inside Veterans Memorial Park. Look for the many See Spot Run signs to direct you to the dog park area.

The Dog Park has two shade structures added in 2013 by Eagle Scout Riley Stewart, 160 trees that were donated by the United States Forest Service and planted by Scouts, United States Air Force men and women and local volunteers and water is available. It is imperative that visitors clean up after their dogs. The necessary supplies for this purpose are available at the park.

The park is designed to allow dogs to engage individually in fenced areas based on their social and physical abilities. Dog owners should understand their dog’s behavioral parameters to engage with other dogs and place them in the area that is best suited for them. Not all dogs flourish in this environment, but for those who do, the park provides exercise and socialization with the maximum amount of freedom in a safe manner.

The benefits for the dogs are social and physical as it is for the owners if they so choose. Six laps of walking the path equals one mile. While the dogs are socializing and exercising so are many of the owners. All we ask is that you monitor your dog’s behavior to ensure they are engaging in an acceptable manner. It is the goal of See Spot Run Inc. that the park is an owner and friendly environment for all to enjoy.

See Spot Run’s vision is the concept of Margaret Kolar who wanted a place where her high energy spaniel named Angel could safely run off leash. You see, Angel was what was known as a “bolter,” at any opportunity Angel would run. This behavior often left Margaret uneasy and Angel in a potentially dangerous situation. Because of Margaret’s dedication to Angel, See Spot Run Inc. was established to create a dog park. Seven years later, in 2011, through the collaboration of See Spot Run Inc. and the City, the dog park was established where Angel could run to her heart’s content, and all dog owners could have peace of mind by allowing their dogs to run off-leash in a safe environment.

The City of Boulder City leased 3.5 acres to See Spot Run Inc., for the dog park, with a five-year lease renewal with the understanding that See Spot Run Inc. would build and maintain the dog park. The monthly cost to run the park is over $1,200. The park is successfully managed and maintained by a small dedicated group of volunteers. There is always need for additional volunteers for fundraising and park upkeep. An ongoing dedication paver program and sponsorship signs have been established to raise funds for monthly expenses. See Spot Run Inc. is also researching improvement in the event and small dog areas.

Please consider donating funds, volunteering your time to assist in maintaining the park and park improvements or simply joining our ever growing dog park family. We look forward to seeing new faces, both canine and human at the park. For more information and to donate funds to See Spot Run, contact us at P.O. Box 62173, Boulder City, NV 89005. To volunteer your time, please call 702-539-7526 or email

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