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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

How to Sleep on a Plane

I’m lucky. I usually fall asleep immediately upon boarding a plane. It’s probably a conditioned response at this point. However, I know many of you have difficulty with this, so here are some things that might help.

Choose a window seat. You can rest your head against the wall, plus not worry about having to move for the people next to you.

Rest your head, and buy a neck pillow. There are so many different kinds available now that there’s bound to be one that works for you.

If there is a TV screen in front of you, turn the screen off if you plan on sleeping because the light keeps your brain alert. Your phone, tablet or other device does the same thing.

Don’t eat a meal too close to the time you want to sleep. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, too, as the alcohol will dehydrate you and the caffeine, well, does what caffeine is meant to do – keep you awake.

Wear comfortable clothes. Anything restricting, like denim, should be avoided. And layer-up. Here’s a tip – where your jacket or fleece backwards, so that it’s easier to slip on and off when the temperature inevitably fluctuates between hot and cold.

Finally, try to block out your surroundings. Consider getting an eye mask and noise cancelling headphones or earplugs. I think this is the best advice of all. If you can block out all that noise (crying babies, anyone?) and light, it will be easier for your brain to shut down so you can sleep.
New subject. Are you all aware that we have an actual travel agency in Boulder City now? I offer my tours, and love doing them, but although I’m a licensed travel agent, I didn’t ‘grow up’ in the industry so have little knowledge in the area of cruises or packaged tours. Well, now you can call on Mary Money, of New Act Travel for all your travel needs. Her office is at 916 Nevada Hwy, Suite 5B, and you can reach her at 702-294-9923 or send an email to

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