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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Perfect Gift

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Try a photo book from Costco. Visit and check out the photo books starting at $18 for thirty pages. You can also get the books from, and, just to name a few. To create one, upload your photos to the Costco website and then pick from either “easy book” or “custom book.”

The “easy book” option will allow you to automatically fill the book with all of your uploaded photos, and then you can add captions and graphics. You can use themes like birthdays, weddings and more. This option will allow you to set your book up with the same look and feel throughout. There are also a few different options for the cover of your book, from a leather bound book to putting photos on the cover and back of the book. Make sure to save your book as you go so you have a backup. If you want to start another project that has the same photos and layout, you can save a copy of the book and rename it.

The “custom book” option will allow you to fill the book with all of your uploaded photos, and edit the photos and the book. You can move the photos around, resize them, crop them, select borders and many other functions. If you don’t know how to space your photos, there are pre-made layouts that allow you to drag and drop photos into them.

It does take a little time to create the books, but they are a gift that will be remembered for a long time. Make sure you put names and dates on your photo books so generations in the future will know who the people in the photos are. They do take a couple of weeks to print so make sure you create them early. You can also ship the books right to the people you are gifting them to. Be sure to check with the photo book company you use to see if they have gift shipping, including gift wrapping and “blind shipping” without

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